The life changing one-on-one deep dive with Dayna Lisa

This is Where the Woman Who Knows She’s Meant for More Comes to Release Her Badassiest Self & Start Living Her Best Life.

You’ve made the decision to change your life. That takes gusto.

I applaud you, my impact driven woman. You know you’re meant for more and you’re ready to design a life that’s intentional, purposeful, passionate, and fulfilling. This experience is where you’ll start breaking down the barriers that have held you back from everything you desire… So you can start manifesting a reality full of joy, excitement, and purpose.

Your juiciest, impactful moments are yet to come. All you have to do is say ‘Yes, this is my time to rise.’

Let go of your bullshit & step into the woman you already know you’re becoming in Unleash the Influential Woman.

You can sit around and manifest and visualize all day. You can listen to every podcast. You can journal every piece of your soul.

(And when you join this experience, sometimes that will be part of your homework)

But this is about way more than that.

This is about stepping into the woman you know you are, breaking through everything that’s ever held you back, and actually taking the next step into who you’re becoming.

You can’t just focus on your limiting beliefs. You have to have a plan of action to burn them to the ground. You’ll find that epic fire in the Unleash the Influential Woman experience.

No more small shit, excuses, or anything else that’s stopping you from realizing your full potential.

It’s time for action. It’s time to make a plan and execute that baybay.

I’m talking designing the life and business you want… and commanding it as yours. Truly making it your reality. Starting like, yesterday.


But actually, I know what you’ve been waiting for.

You’ve been waiting for YOUR moment… The moment that it all became so unbearable, you had to burn it to the ground.

That life you’ve been living that doesn’t give you everything you deserve. You know you’re meant to be staring out the window of a luxurious apartment in Italy as you write your next best selling novel.

Or to be sipping fine wine on the rooftop of a bar in Bali.

Or to be a high-in-demand, changing-peoples-live coach who never worries about cashflow or finding their dream clients.

And I know how to get you there. I know how to empower you to step up your game… To start finally changing your life… and to start commanding your worth in every single area of your life.

🗸 Live your best life… Travelling with friends, dining at delicious restaurants, and staying in beautiful accomodations

🗸 Stop questioning what life is really about and start discovering it for yourself

🗸 Design an intentional business, brand, and lifestyle that gives you fulfillment

🗸 Start manifesting your deepeset desires into your reality (and get clear on what those are, too)

🗸 Become the woman you’re dreaming of and start living your fullest potential…

You’re ready to empower yourself in Unleash the Influential Woman.


My name is Dayna Lisa. I’m a digital nomad, living the laptop lifestyle in Bali, and embracing a fulfilling life that allows me to feel joy and freedom on a regular basis.

Does that trigger something inside you? Something that feels like jealousy?

Because just a couple years ago, I was working for a narcissistic boss flipping eggs and having panic attacks in the bathroom at work. 

Not long ago, I was overweight, part of multiple relationships that had me walking on eggshells, covered in stress rashes, and on medication for depression and anxiety.

I changed my life by making a choice that what I was going through couldn’t be my forever.

I refused to believe that’s all there was for me and trusted that if I let go of everything I knew, I would discover something different.

I was right. And you can do it, too.


This is a 6-month one-on-one coaching experience for the woman who wants to change her motha-fucking life, grow her business exponentially, and start manifesting her deepest desires.

You’ll receive:

– Weekly one-on-one support calls 3x/month

– Voice support between sessions

– Training videos, workbooks, and other modalities that create action and implementation

– Community in the Facebook Community

– Activation on a soul level, business strategy that works and is replicable, and the tools you need to change your life starting now

What you won’t receive is excuses.

This is not for the faint of heart. It’s for those who are feeling in pain and will do whatever it takes to make change. To push through the discomfort and do something they’ve never done before.

If that’s you, you’re ready. And I’m ready to support you.

Oh and, by the way… I’ll meet you in tropical paradise.

I’m flying you, in the final month of your experience, to a divine destination (think Costa Rica, Bali, rainforests, waterfalls, healing vibrations). We’ll spend a weekend together in paid for luxury accommodations setting you up for ongoing success, doing deep healing work in collective energy, and of course having copious amounts of play!

Boundaries Like a Badass

($222 value)

This 5-day training is a week to change your life. As a past people pleaser, I know how hard it can be to create intentional relationships with yourself and others.

In Boundaries Like a Badass, you’ll learn how to make monumental shifts to start releasing people and things in your life not serving you… And ultimately relinquishing what’s holding you back.

Find Time to Love Yourself: Become a BossWoman Success Story

($999 value)

This complete training series is a metamorphosis using the power of positive psychology to rewire your mindset for success.

You can use these powerful journaling prompts to release stress, set boundaries, create a better relationship with yourself, and bring in more success again and again.


I was so overwhelmed. I was working through nights, I was stressed out, I was crying... I wasn't making as much money as I wanted. I needed guidance and accountability. Dayna Lisa and I worked over 30 days to build my business and figure out who I was. Because she was so honest, I was able to do everything she told me to do. Launched my business in 30 days, got two high-ticket clients... Now I have a huge following, booked out group programs, and more. Working with her is like magic.

Jennifer Armstrong, CEO of So F*cking Simple & Online Business Coach

I worked with Dayna to take my business to the level I could see in my mind... But I did not have a clear strategy to manifest it into the physical. She can put into words what I'm seeing, what I'm thinking... During our coaching sessions she pulled the goodness out of me. Then she streamlined it into a succinct strategy. It was absolutely magical.

Dawn McKinnis, CEO of Atmospheres of Wellness, Peace & Prosperity Life Coach

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