Hey hey from Bali my fellow impact driven women. If you’ve been following me, you know I’m in Bali on the typical white girl’s spiritual journey of finding myself.

Things (naturally) have been pretty damn interesting.

I’ve been learning some pretty valuable lessons since being here and constantly cracking myself open. But I never imagined one of these valuable lessons would come from a brief 72 hour crash stint on Tinder.

Ya you read that right. I’m about to give you lessons on life and business from my experience with the infamous ‘swipe left, swipe right’ dating app. Let’s talk Tinder for Business people… new course coming at ya 2019! HA!

Listen… I haven’t been in the dating scene for almost a decade. And at the young age of only 28 years old, the whole landscape has changed since the last time I was on the market. So many women my age have got this shiz down… But me? Nah.

I mean, I’m a marketer FFS but writing my profile for Tinder was one of the greatest challenges of my copywriting skills to date (for real).

Tinder for Business? Ya, I don’t think that’s a thing… But I’m gonna attempt to make it one.

Swiping Left on a Success Mindset: Tinder for Business

What better way to attract fun kindred spirits than to say in your profile you’re into adventure? I couldn’t think of a better way.

This lead me to be invited on a horseback riding date (um, coolest). And when I woke up in the morning I had a head cold and considered cancelling all together… But something inside me just said nay nay (pun intended).

So I reached out to the handsome New Zealander with an adventurous spirit and recommended a much tamer lunch date. (Yes, his accent is hot. I got asked this on the livestream so it’s worth mentioning here in case you’re wondering.)

In the end, I’d say our ‘lunch date’ turned out to be quite an adventure with all kinds of side stories to tell including running out of gas, driving with a Go-Jek driver who didn’t know where he was going, and a meal that turned into a 4 or 5 hour chat.

But I digress. If you want more details you can watch the video version of this here in the Kindred Entrepreneurial Spirits Facebook group.

Here’s the thing… This dude was unlike anyone I’d ever dated or even been attracted to before. Ya ok… My experience is limited. But, this did lead to a rad realization.

I hadn’t been applying this one thing to my dating life that I know to be true to ALL facets of my life… And my brain got churning.

Swiping Right on Limitations

Have you ever realized how much we limit ourselves because of our previous experiences?

Like, here’s the thing. I had been comparing everyone I met to people I’d met in the past. Things I did like, things I didn’t like…

I had never stopped to ask myself this:

If the possibilities were truly endless and infinite (which they are), what would you WANT? Without the limited experience you’ve had defining your desires and your creative brain as the limit… What do you crave?”

WOAAAAAH. I love blowing my own mind.

I hadn’t even taken a hot second to step back and visualize what I wanted. Which is funny, because I’ve been practicing the art of visualization and manifestation a lot recently. But only in certain areas of my life.

So, I challenge you to take an observatory perspective on your life right now and ask yourself… Where are you limiting yourself based on what you think is possible…

And how can you expand yourself to ask what you would want if anything was possible?

When we take a step outside the box of our comfort zone, outside our scope of limited perspective from what we’ve only seen as tangible, we enter a whole new potential reality.

Clarity around what we actually desire is our first step in understanding how to get there. You can’t expect to build a roadmap to your destination without knowing where you’re going.

And yet, we neglect this regularly because we don’t consider it as tangible or possible. I might ask someone “What do you want?” and they say skeptically “Well, it would be nice to have a million dollars!”

But what I would say to that is, have you ever tried to feel into what it would be like to actually have a million dollars? Or are you keeping yourself in a low energetic frequency because you believe that reality is impossible?

And another question: Why do you want a million dollars?

When we consider the root of why we desire something, rather than flippantly saying it’s what we want because society says it should be a goal for us, we learn things about ourselves that allow us to elevate into our next level of success.

A million dollars on it’s own is neutral… It’s not good or bad, right or wrong, happy or sad…

We make it what it means to us.

What lifestyle could you live? Why does that matter to you? What difference could you be making in the world? Why are you passionate about that?

Remember: Your version of success is different than the next persons. What makes somebody else happy isn’t going to bring YOU fulfillment.

So, get real with yourself and take some Tinder for business lessons from me…

You are not defined, or limited, by your past experiences.

You can have whatever you want, even a million dollars.

But you’ll never be open to receiving the level of success you want unless you get real with yourself about what you want, why you want it, and how you can energetically let go of the frequencies you’re holding onto to rise up.

Tell me in the comments what YOU desire, regardless of what you ‘should’ want or what your past experiences are. Oh, and tell me WHY too 😉