Passion. Passion project. Turn your passion project into a business.

Then you’ll be successful and happy!

That is a load of BS. Let’s talk about the real importance of passion in business.

There are a ton of successful people who don’t love their job. Who don’t love the business they’ve worked so hard to create.

Even though other people might look at what they’ve done and drool… they’re still unhappy.

At the end of the day, what passion is all about is sustaining you through the extra shitty times.

*Literally* – This is passion’s role in business.

And I’m here to tell you there are going to be extra shitty times.

Everybody hears “passion” and they think rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns!

But the reality is, passion is going to be what drives you when you are curled up in the fetal position laying on your bathroom floor.

There are going to be days, weeks, potential years… that you don’t make any money.

And what is it that’s going to keep you going when you feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel?

You guessed it. Passion.

I think a lot of people learn this the hard way. Which is why I’m here to tell you the cold, hard truth.

Yes, turning your passion into your business is important.

But it’s not about suddenly being magically happy.

Here’s why it actually matters.


Just when you think you’ve got your business all figured out and things are going perfectly your way, something will go wrong.

And because of this one slip, you will doubt out everything that you’ve done so far.

You will ask yourself, “Why is everyone else so successful and I can’t seem to get what I want?”

You’ll wonder if they have some secret strategy sauce that you’re missing.

The reality?

Your love of what you do is the only thing that’s going to keep you going in these moments.

The moments where you aren’t making any money.

The moments where your launches fail.

The moment when someone criticizes your amazing idea.

If you aren’t completely lit on fire, hands shaking, heart beating, tears in your eyes excited when you talk about what it is that you do…

Then it’s going to be that much harder to pick yourself up and keep going.

Your desire to drive change in your area of passion is ultimately what is going to allow you to shift gears and see things from a new perspective.

You have to have an absolute, ultimate goal in mind. Get that clarity before you jump into your business idea.


Do you think that Steve Jobs was looked at as an innovator when he first conceptualized a palm sized computer?

Or that people thought Thomas Edison was a brilliant genius for saying that he could make a piece of glass light up?

Most people who are the change makers of their generation are considered crazy before their big idea comes to fruition.

You might not be the next Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison, but your big idea is bound to get equal parts criticism and skepticism.

Even from the people you love the most. And this is going to be the hardest to take.

It might leave you wanting to crawl back into your warm, easy, comfortable box of coasting through life.

But the reality is you know that you’re meant for more.

And your passion?

That is what is going to keep you going even in the face of criticism from the people you care about the most.

It’s also the thing that’s going to get them on board. It’s a lot harder to get behind someone when they clearly are unsure about what it is that they’re doing them self.

You have to be certain.

If you expect people to be able to see your big idea and support you in your dream, you better be freaking excited about what it is that you do.


I’m here to tell you there’s no easy way to success. The same strategy and formula that got someone else their success isn’t going to work for you.

There are subtle nuances unseen.

There are obstacles unseen bound to be thrown in your way.

You are going to have to find your own way to navigate the way towards your goals.

And more importantly, you need to find your own version of success.

Because that dream life you see that girl living in your social media newsfeed? There are hidden things happening behind the scenes that you don’t even know about.

What makes her happy isn’t going to make you happy.

Make sure when you climb the ladder of success it’s leaning against the right wall. There’s nothing worse than getting to the top and realizing that you’re not happy with the view.

If you’re passionate about selling five dollar jewelry, then do it.

If you’re passionate about making short films with action figures, then do it.

If you’re passionate about doing Halloween make up and showing others how to do the same, then do it.

But do it as you. Do it your own way.

Don’t do it because somebody else is doing it and it looks like an easy way to make money.

Because inevitably, there are going to be down moments where you question absolutely everything you’ve done so far and where you are going.

And if you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect anybody else to?


My passion project is helping people follow their dreams.

Even when I face criticism, don’t make any money, or fail at a launch… this keeps me going.

I’ve seen so many repressed women who know that they’re meant for more and are unhappy with their current circumstances.

I’m on a mission to change that. Come hell or high water.

I’m gonna get out of my comfort zone and I am going to impact this world in my area of passion.

I’ve thrown things.

I’ve cried on the floor.

I’ve doubted absolutely everything that I am doing and have done before this.

But every single day I make a conscious choice to live life differently.

Because helping you get out of your comfort zone, live your dream life, find what it is that lights you up, and then create a strategy that works for you to get it…

Is more important to me than staying in my comfort zone.

Tell me in the comments below, what is more important to you than staying in your comfort zone?