So you’re hustling hard to run your small business as effectively as possible. But you’re wondering if there’s something you’re missing.

Have you considered adding a blog component to your website?

Small business blogs are one of the most successful and profitable things you can add to your marketing efforts. They come at an extremely low (sometimes non-existent) cost yet can make a huge difference to the overall perception of your small business.

Still, at the end of the day, what every small business wants is to generate more leads and increase client conversion. What can blogging do toward that end?

The benefits of blogging may surprise you. Read on to discover why small business blogs are not only recommended but actually essential in today’s digital world.

Small Business Blogs Establish Credibility and Authority

One of the biggest things a blog can do for your small business is demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about. This is just the first of the many perks of blogging you’ll find when you decide to finally launch this website element.

Publishing informative, accurate content that actually helps people and provides value is important. It can make people very appreciative of your company before they even opt to pay for your services.

You can provide blog readers with tutorials, how to articles and instructions, product reviews, and more. Solving people’s problems for them shows them that you know more about your subject of expertise than they do. This encourages them to turn to you as a trusted authority.

Once they’re on your website, they’re likely to browse around and explore more of what you have to offer. Drawing people–and keeping them–on your site is always a good thing.

From your site, you can point people wherever else you’d like them to go. That can be your social media profiles, “hire me” page, or elsewhere. They’re more likely to follow along with you when they’ve seen that you’re a good source of things they want to hear.

Establishing yourself as a credible source of interesting and helpful information is essential. It can grow your small business more quickly than even the best marketing campaigns.

In a blog, you can show some personality that you wouldn’t express on your more business-focused pages.

You can have conversations with clients and potential clients in the comments section. This will demonstrate that you really care about the people you work for and are eager to converse and help. Being accessible can make all the difference to someone who is still debating whether they want to work with you.

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Draw Traffic

Small business blogs have become more of a necessity than a preference in today’s online landscape. There are few better ways to draw traffic to your site and get more eyes on your small business than to add a blogging element to your online interface.

Publishing rich, diverse, and engaging content is a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to the ranking algorithms for search engines.

Search engines like Google don’t want to direct people to shallow, meaningless websites. They want to give people the results they’re looking for, which is insightful information organized in a helpful and understandable way.

Think of the kinds of articles you’re hoping to find when you search something like “how to boil pasta.”

You’re looking for step by step instructions from an expert, and you probably also want photos or illustrations plus maybe even some classic recipes for making a great pasta dish.

A website that has this sort of information available due to all the wonderful articles they’ve published on their blog is what will perform best in the search rankings.

Generate More Leads

At the end of the day, what small business blogs exist to do is help generate more leads. It’s not enough to just have an About Me and a Contact Us on your page. The only visitors you’ll get on your site will be those you’ve directed there yourself.

Instead, small business blogs attract readers who wouldn’t normally be looking you up. These are the kinds of people you want on your site–those who want the information you have but weren’t aware that you were a great place to get it.

Plus, websites that have a blog can convert mere readers into paying clients.

Of course, a successful blog must be driven by a content strategy. Simply writing and publishing whatever you want with no regard to adequate SEO research or trending topics will do nothing for you.

Not only will a blog like this never show up in search results or get read, but it also could just confuse your website visitors as to what exactly you’re offering and what you want them to do.

Instead, creating a blog with readable, shareable content that you have sat down and taken the time to brainstorm and plan is what will truly be a home run for you.

When readers get to your site and find that you are sharing the sort of knowledge they’re looking for, they’ll want more of it–and they’ll tell their friends, coworkers, and family about you, too.

Looking for More Online Business Tips?

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