Magnetic Marketing for More Impact, Clients, and Cash Flow

Get Back in Yo’ Zone of Genius and Make Money Doing What You Love. We’ll Take Care of the Rest.

I know how important your online presence is to your business, brand, and success. But you have better things to do than facebook all day.

You Know the Money + Impact Created by Building Relationships.

Now Let’s Go Big.

You’re going places. You’ve built your dream business and started serving clients who light you up.

You’re making money in your business. Now it’s time to level up your influence and cash flow.

And you’re asking: What’s next? How can I do #allthethings without actually adding more to-dos to my list?

That’s where we come in.

You’re currently doing pretty damn swell. Business is good. You love what you do. You love your clients. You’re making money.

You’ve built a business on a personal brand and people love you.

But you also know this truth: What got you this level of success and worked so far…

Isn’t going to get you to the next level.

You’re ready to GO BIG… With your impact and your income.

The relationships you’ve built with your content and online presence have brought you this far. But that sh*t isn’t sustainable. You need someone to create more time in your life to do what you love… Without sacrificing the foundation you’ve built.

You’re considering your options… Do I need paid ads? I’ve had so much success without them and I’m not sure I’ll get an ROI… 

Do I need to take a course on how to automate my content? I already know everything I need to serve my clients. Ain’t nobody got time for more learning and then doing.

Should I hire a VA, an OBM? Been there, done that… it didn’t do much for my biz at all. I didn’t get an ROI like I expected.

I’m not sure what’s next.

Don’t worry, I gotchu.



You stay in your zone of genius. Every day you’re creating, serving your clients, building relationships, and making bank.

You don’t spend any of your valuable time (unless you want to) creating content, posting on social media, or uploading videos. You do what you love and get paid, every day. That’s it.

You just get to do you. And you have ONE person you talk to who is taking care of all your organic marketing… The strategy, the creation, and the execution. 

Each day content that’s so you gets posted across the channels that matter. In return, you get more followers, leads, influence, and money, honey.



Ya, the value here is that you get a sales process PLUS all the content created and executed. 

(Read As: You get a huge return on your investment because you have a system for getting more consistent clients from your content, social media, and more)


You get a TON of evergreen content. On point, branded, money-making content.

That’s yours for life.

Think about all that value. This is content you can use again, and again… And again.

For future launches, landing pages, opt-ins, blog posts…

Everything we create for you is an asset for your business’s future.

Now that’s worth investing in.

Even if you’ve never…

Trusted someone with your content creation. We know how hard it is to allow someone to be your voice. But the reality is, we’re just amplifying you across your channels in a way that works to get more sales. We’ll get to know you, your brand voice, and the type of person you want to serve. We’ll inject all of it into your content so it’s high-quality, consistent, and authentic to your vision.

Even if you’ve never…

Had a good experience with a VA, OBM, or copywriter. This is a team of experienced players, and the management is being taken care of for you, entirely.

We’ve got an easy system we adapt and use to serve you. No matter what unique goals, platforms, or content you need to put out to spread your influence. We’ve got you covered.

You don’t need to talk to five different people a day to keep this thing rolling.

You’ll have access to everything that’s going on… What’s being created, when it’s rolling out, and what it’ll look like. But you don’t need to do anything other than watch it all happen.

Even if you’ve never…

Had a strategy for your content before. Don’t worry ’bout it.

We’ve got you from start to finish. From ‘this is my vision for my business’ to ‘I am an industry leader making tons of dough’ and everything in between.


You don’t need more coaching…

You already know everythang you need to know. The solution isn’t to take another course. You don’t have time for that anyways.

You’re a boss babe. A CEO. You’ve made it to this level hustlin’, sometimes solo. But now you’re in a place where you can:

1. Outsource the sh*t you don’t want to do

2. Make smart investments that’ll get you a kickass ROI

3. Sniff out the frauds and fakes… You’ve hired people before who didn’t make the cut.

You’re already a #SuccessStory. Now it’s time to get a boss team behind you and your marketing. One you can trust. One you don’t have to train. People who believe in you, your vision, and your voice as much as you do.

Paid ads aren’t the best solution

 You don’t need to be another ‘sponsored’ post in the feed to get more business.

Listen, I get it. All the “cool kids” are doing paid ads in the coaching industry. And there are a ton of people out there saying it’s the only next step for someone at your level. 

But they’re wrong. You’ve built your business on organic marketing. On building relationships. And ya, it’s taken a lot of work.

You don’t have to trade more of your time to keep that momentum going. We can help you GO BIG with your content creation and strategy to attract more clients and cash into your business… without spending a bunch of money on ads.

This is about creating a consistent funnel your leads will fall into. And one that will only squeeze out people you love to work with. Plus, they’ll be screaming “hell yes take my money!”

Let’s hone in on what’s already worked for you and create a plan to scale it for even more success — Without more time or energy from you.

One OBM or VA isn’t gonna cut it

This is a big job. And you’ve hired OBM’s and VA’s in the past. They often need clear direction, training, time, and energy from you.

We know what we’re doing already. And this team is totally managed for you.

This isn’t throwing money at a single person hoping to make that money back from the tasks they accomplish.

This is making a smart investment in your business’s growth and cash flow with experts who already know what to do.



You need to know you can trust your content to be:

1. High quality

2. On point with your brand

3. Consistent

We’ll create a plan and design content to make sure you love everything that rolls out across all your channels.

So it feels authentic, draws in ideal clients, and builds a loyal following.


Rather than throwing content around here or there when you have time, we’ll make sure it all has a purpose…

Getting your dream clients to work with you and spreading your impact.

We dig into your sales process, how your content leads your dream clients to buying from you, and which platforms will serve you best.

Then we make a plan to help you consistently and intentionally scale your impact based on your unique goals.



Oh, snap. It’s time to take all that content creation right off your hands.

We’ll free up a ton of time for you by repurposing your existing content across channels.

And creating new, fresh, quality content.

This includes all the visuals. All the copywriting. All the call-to-actions.

You’re totally covered — Just stick to what you do best and we’ll cover the rest.


We’ll roll out your content consistently across all your channels.

You watch as your engagement, conversions, and influence expands.

And don’t worry, you’ll have a comprehensive snapshot of everything that’s rolling out for the month.

How it’ll look. When it’s getting posted. What it’ll say. What its intention is in your sales process.

So you can trust we’re all on the same page and you’re in love with your online presence.

You receive:


– EVERGREEN content. This isn’t one-off strategy with content you’ll never use again. Everything created is intentional and also recyclable, adding massive value.

– A comprehensive and personalized Content Strategy. We’ll hone in on what’s worked so far based on the data. Then we’ll cut the fluff and make a plan for increasing qualified leads and getting more conversions.

– A Client Overview Dashboard that shows you all your content across channels, when it’s rolling out, and how it’ll look. You’ll always be in the loop. But all we need from you is 2x two hour sessions at the beginning to get to know your brand and what’s worked so far. We’ll take care of the rest.

– Search engine optimization of your content. So you can start showing up in places like Google.

– Repurposing of existing content across channels.

– Creation of new content across channels.

– Management of a personalized team to strategize, create, design, and execute your content.

– Sales funnel creation including one opt-in and one email sequence

– Creation and execution of content for two social media platforms

Basically, here’s what happens:

1. You meet with Dayna Lisa 2x over a two week period

2. She creates your Content Strategy (AKA your dope attraction marketing plan to amplify your success)

3. You get access to the strategy and watch as your content gets repurposed and mapped out to bring in the leads and moola

4.  You sit back and do you (read as: serve your clients, make money, and spend time creating what you love) while the team takes care of all your organic marketing. Content strategy, creation, and execution.

$3,400  Only $1,800 per month

For a 6 month term

Pay Up Front and Save 20% $16,320 Only $8,640

For a 6 month term


Unlisted here are some of the unsung heroes who help us with execution and distribution 

Dayna Lisa

Content Strategist + Customer Care Representative


Background in SEO Copywriting + Digital Content Strategy

Helps Women Build Businesses with Impact

Runs on Black Coffee

Karissa Housden

Project Manager + Systems Houdini


Organization Unicorn + Team Leader

Back End + Systems Specialist

Part Time Goat Mom + Full Time Beer Drinker

Tess Finnicum

Content Creator + Visuals and Word Wizard


Guru of All Things Content Creation

Brand Voice Expert

Will Work for Whiskey

Dayna Lisa

Content Strategist + Customer Care Representative


Background in SEO Copywriting + Digital Content Strategy

Helps Women Build Businesses with Impact

Runs on Black Coffee

Karissa Housden

Project Manager + Systems Houdini


Organization Unicorn + Team Leader

Back End + Systems Specialist

Part Time Goat Mom + Full-Time Beer Drinker

Tess Finnicum

Content Creator + Visuals and Word Wizard


Guru of All Things Content Creation

Brand Voice Expert

Will Work for Whiskey



Hey Hey Bae, I’m Dayna Lisa

What qualifies me to be the trustworthy content marketing queen of your dreams?

Well, let me tell you…

I get wanting to have a social impact. I understand caring as much about your voice being heard as your income goals.

You became an entrepreneur for the freedom, money, and to create a movement.

So, you know how important it is to create content and get it out online. Buuuut that sh*t is time-consuming and you have clients to serve and deals to make.

That’s where I step in. My entrepreneurial journey started in SEO copywriting (so I get stuff like ‘keyword research’ and ‘SEO’ that others find ew).

Then I worked for a small business consulting firm doing all their content strategy and content creation. But the clients I was serving didn’t light me up.

So I brought my ZOG to the digital space… And started serving kickass non-conformists like you.

Cus ya’ll make me happy to work with.

So I can serve you with my passion AND my expertise.

I know how to write in your brand voice (I do it for multiple 7-figure entrepreneurs).

I know how to create content that converts, makes you more money, is a timeless asset, AND feels authentic to you.

And I know how to take all the stress out of content creation and execution,…

So you can keep creating and serving your dreamy clients while I create and execute a plan to level up your influence and income.


‘Simple influence + iNCOME’ is for you if you:


Want high-quality content, that’s totally on point with your brand. Content that has strategy, is created and posted for you, and brings in the dough.

Are tired of spending all day on social media or randomly dropping content without a strategy. You wanna make money from those leads consistently.

Want to be able to trust someone with your brand image and online presence. Your people love you for your personal brand.

Are a passion-driven entrepreneur who wants to make a difference on a massive scale while making the money you deserve.

Are in alignment with your dreams and are looking to take action to get you what you want… But don’t have time to execute your massive vision alone.

Are craving to drive change and have a voice people listen to in your industry.

Want to get dreamy clients consistently flowing your way. But don’t want to reach them by being another ‘sponsored’ post in their feed.







$3,400  Only $1,800 per month

For a 6 month term

Pay Up Front and Save 20% $16,320 Only $8,640

For a 6 month term

The sooner I can help you create and execute a strategy to expand your influence, the faster you can have more consistent clients, cash flow, and impact.

I would absolutely reccommend Dayna to any of my friends… anyone who is an entrepreneur, anyone who is looking to build up their business, or are looking to shift their mindset.

Sometimes we have these great ideas about how we want to serve people, what we want to give back to them… but we don’t have a clear strategy for how to get that out. A strategy that is sustainable.

Working with her gave me systems and tools to serve my customers and also my well being. If you need a coach who is very personable and very connected to where you are because of her own personal journey — I would completely and totally, truthfully and honestly, recommend Dayna for you.

Dawn McKinnis

CEO, Atmospheres of Wellness