If you’ve ever paid for advertising online or in print, you know how frustrating that investment can be.

You pay more and more to increase your advertising, but see only a tiny increase in results. And if you stop paying, those results stop entirely.

That’s because organic marketing strategies have long been proven to be more effective than paid advertisements. As consumers become savvier about what is paid advertising and what is organic, the latter only becomes even more effective.

It’s time to stop wasting your time with paid advertising.

If you want to boost your online presence, drive leads, and increase sales, it’s time to start investing in B2B content marketing. Keep reading to learn what that investment can do for your business.

It’s Less Aggressive than Other Targeting Tactics

Traditional advertisements, like mailers or billboards, are sometimes seen as too pushy.

Companies choose to saturate the market with these ads because they know it helps build brand awareness that can increase sales. But consumers are increasingly looking for ways to avoid these ads.

More modern approaches to these traditional tactics are also losing out in popularity.

Paid ads on search engines like Google look like real search results. They appear at the top of the page, which would seem like prime territory. But in reality, they actually get far less traffic than organic results.

In fact, one study found that more than 71 percent of all searches on Google ended with a web surfer clicking on one of the organic search options on the first page of Google results.

Those top organic results may not be true paid ads. But they are in the top results because of an investment in effective B2B content marketing.

You’ll Save Money Compared to Old Advertising Tactics

Paid advertising and B2B content marketing are both investments. But one offers only a short-term solution that you’ll have to continue to invest in while receiving the same results. The other offers a long-term investment with an exponential potential for growth.

With paid advertising, you’ll pay to place your ad on social media or search engines. If you stop paying, you’ll lose out on any traffic that those ads are producing. You’ll have to pay for more ads to get that traffic back.

With B2B content marketing, you’re investing in high-quality content and SEO strategies.

After you’ve paid for a piece of content, it will continue performing for you even after it’s paid off. Clients will still land on that page, read the content, and hopefully buy from you.

Plus, as you continue to invest in content marketing, your site will naturally rise in the ranks of search engine results. Continue investing and you’ll continue to see growth.

The effectiveness of B2B content marketing tactics over traditional advertising is catching on fast. In fact, last year more than 75 percent of businesses increased their content marketing budgets.

It’ll Help You Build a Solid Brand

Another great feature of content marketing is that it helps create a solid brand.

By helping boost your website to the top results on search engines like Google, you’ll be naturally increasing traffic. The goal is for potential clients to click on your site when they run a search for keywords you are targeting.

Even if they don’t click on your company, they’ll see it among the top results. Over time, this helps to build brand awareness in a natural way.

When they do click on your results, they’ll find high-quality, useful content. Unlike paid advertisements, they’ll read and use your content.

They may then share it with friends and followers on social media. Or they may return to your site later to reference it or to look for more helpful content.

These interactions are a great way to build a solid brand for your company.

Your content will speak for your business. This helps establish you as an expert in your industry and as a business that seeks to help your clients. Even when it involves providing them with free advice on your website.

You’ll Be Giving Your B2B Clients Something They Want

With traditional, old-fashioned advertisements, potential clients aren’t gaining anything beyond an awareness of who you are and what you offer.

Companies may use these spaces to tell clients about how their services can help that client improve their own business. But nothing within that ad is actually helping the client do or improve anything.

That’s not the case with B2B content marketing.

B2B content marketing focuses on SEO strategies to boost organic traffic to a company’s website. In order to put these SEO strategies to work, you need content and lots of it.

Effective content marketing goes far beyond simply packing a few paragraphs full of links and keywords. Instead, it creates articles that potential clients actually want to read, and then uses these articles as a basis for adding in SEO tactics.

The result is high-quality content that answers client questions, breaks down processes that the client needs to learn, delivers news about the industry, and more.

That way, when a potential client lands on one of these articles, they’re getting something out of what they are reading, while also learning about your company, what you offer, and how you can help their business improve.

Start Investing in B2B Content Marketing Today

If you’re ready to start boosting traffic to your website, increasing sales, and building a solid, healthy brand for your business, you need B2B content marketing.

You could try learning these strategies on your own. But if you’re already running a business or website, learning these strategies is a huge time commitment that will take time away from work on your site and business.

Additionally, learning and implementing content marketing on your own won’t give you the professional results that a content marketing expert can provide.

If you’re ready to see the difference that content marketing can make for your business, let’s get started.