Hello all my lovely pineapple people! Today I want to talk about something special. Your superpowers.

That’s right, you heard me. You’ve got special superpowers that nobody else has. They almost make you inhuman!

This doesn’t mean you can fly, shoot laser beams from your eyes, or walk through walls (darn, I know… I wish I could coach people to learn how to do all those things).

It means you have experienced a life that no one else has experienced. You’ve walked a path no one else has walked. And it’s made you very, very special.

When I start working with clients, this is one of the first things I help them realize. Their unique potential is often simmering just below the surface in a perpetual state of inactivity, waiting to be released.

When it does get free, it’s beautiful and magical what happens. This is when your technical skills marry with your relatability and start to magnetize people who light you up. This is where you’ll find the keys to design passion driven work.

Even the toughest moments of our lives are purposefully pushing us towards our destiny and true success, which is living our soul’s purpose. Here are some tips on how to identify your special powers and start using them to ignite your entrepreneurial fire.


Identifying Your Superpowers

Follow these steps to get your gears turning about your key factors that make you different than anyone else in your industry.

1. Turn to What Others Have Seen

Your family, friends, colleagues — anyone you’ve engaged with on a regular basis and let see your authentic self — have seen a glimpse of your superpowers. They’ll often say things about you like “you’re so funny, smart, witty, organized, [insert other adjective here]”. 

They’re not just paying you a compliment. These are true-to-you personal qualities you’ve accumulated from your own upbringing and experiences. They make you special. They make you relatable. They help you get along with people you enjoy interacting with.

And you can use them to help people. Write them down.

2. Acknowledge Admirable Qualities in Others

The truth is, you can’t admire qualities in someone else if you don’t exhibit them yourself. You are whole and complete when you are true to these qualities — they’re what you desire to be at all times.

When you feel anxiety, worry, or fear, it’s because you are currently not embodying one or more of these qualities you’ve deemed necessary to be a great human. Something in your life has gone out of alignment and it’s causing stress.

So write down all of the qualities you see in others that you find admirable, and think about them in regards to yourself. If you admire honesty, for example, and you’re currently hiding something from someone important to you in your life, it’s undoubtedly causing you stress.

You can reduce regain clarity and focus in your life by stepping back into a place where you are fully embodying all of these traits. This is where you’re most whole, clear, and in alignment.

Aka you’ll be bangin’ on all cylinders!

3. Remember Experiences of Deep Gratitude

Ever helped someone and they were so deeply appreciative but you felt like you were just being… well, yourself?

That’s the moment. You were using your natural abilities that no one else possesses to serve someone with your fullest potential. YOUR SUPERPOWERS were out in full force!

Reflect deeply on how you helped them, why you were the perfect person to get them through that situation, and how you can harness it. These circumstances are often because you were able to be extremely empathetic to someone’s circumstance, which means you’ve been through a similar experience and could relate on a level no one else could.

Are You Ignited?

If you follow these steps, you’ll undoubtedly identify your superpowers. Still need some help? I use my own special powers to help entrepreneurial spirits ignite their special spark so they can run passion driven and successful online businesses. If you’re ready to leap into yours, let’s make it a reality.