Being vulnerable is scary. Sharing your story and your experiences is hard. And if you’re an empath, like me, it becomes even harder as people open up to you and you become this sort of sponge, connecting on this deeper level, internalizing and harboring their emotions.

I don’t want you to be scared to be vulnerable, because your story is powerful and impactful. These experiences are raw and real, and are the reason that people are drawn to you.

I really stress with my clients not to just use their technical skills to help people, use your own personal experiences, because this is where passion comes into business. Once you share your story with others and find these connections, it becomes really exciting because they can relate, and you can help them because you walked a similar path.

But then it becomes overwhelming with the intensity of their emotions and you kind of just shut down and distance yourself from these people, even though this is EXACTLY the connection they need to move forward in their own path. By allowing yourself to shut down or clam up, they will feel it and won’t be as attracted to your energy.

Here are some tools to help you through these interactions:

Recognize it

If you are an empath, you need to make sure you are very conscientious of this fact because when you go into a conversation, you have to be protecting yourself and your energy. THESE PEOPLE NEED YOU, but you have to recognize that you are a channel and you can’t let these emotions impact your self or hold you back. You can’t take on that emotion for them.

Stay grounded

Sit with your feet on the ground, or if you are like me and always sit with your legs crossed, you can lay down on a yoga mat or on the ground in order to just stretch out and stay connected with the earth.

Be a channel

Visualize yourself as a channel and allow yourself share your story, to take in these emotions, and to let them pass through you, releasing them to the ground. Don’t be scared of the intensity of the interactions, you’re simply acting as a roadway for them to release their burdens.

Put up a barrier

Don’t think of this as a physical barrier, but a barrier that allows things to come around you and into your space, into your being and into your vulnerable space, but also deflects and doesn’t seep into you.

Visualize a cleansing afterwards

Just as you take care of your hygiene on the outside, it’s just as important to do it on the inside as well. As you meditate, visualize a white light moving through you, cleansing your mind, heart, presence, and spiritual being as well as who you are at your core and soul.

Being an empath can be really difficult and exhausting, but it is such a gift if you use it right and do the self care you need.

It will allow you to have a deeper connection with the right people and be able to help them in ways nobody else can.

Have you tried any of these techniques?

Are there other tactics you use?

Tell me in the comments!