What’s on your to-do list right now boss babe?

Lemme guess… If you’re not making the money you want (let’s get real, are you doe?), it’s a montage of things like:

  • Designing more graphics
  • Working on your branding
  • Building a sales funnel
  • Making your website
  • Building landing pages
  • Learn more about email marketing

… And on and on. Let’s hold up a second. You wanna make money in your business like, yesterday… right?

Well, here’s the truth. None of the above things are what you should be focusing on if you want to make more money right now.

You are distracted. And I get it… There are so many courses out there on “How to Design the Perfect Visual Brand” and “How to Become the Best Email Marketer!”

And before you can launch your shit, you feel like you have to perfect all these things. You don’t wanna look like a newb! All the 6-figure and beyond online entrepreneurs have amazing websites, right?

*EEEEEEEH* (that’s the sound of a game show alarm when someone is wrong)

No way, girl!


Reality check.Those things will come. They’ll develop. You brand will evolve, grow, expand as you do… Because that’s what a personal brand is! An expression of you in the online space.

So as you serve more clients, learn, and step into your power… You’ll be able to create more authentically and get more visible.

There are a TON of entrepreneurs out there, making serious bank, by making genuine human connection and relationships. Long before they have a website. Long before they have 10k+ Instagram followers. Those things are NOT the solution.

What is? It’s time to focus on making money… not being perfect.

Here’s how you can start making money online now and start building the foundations for your successful, fulfilling online empire.

Step One: Get Unbelievably Clear on What You Do

What do you do? Who is it for? Why are you the perfect solution?

And babe, this is about WAY more than your resume. This is about your soul’s purpose… Your calling… You mission in life.

You’re designed to do more. To be more. You’re here on purpose, for a reason. Are you tapped into that?

Once you’ve recognized your passion, you can identify who can benefit the most from your unique gifts. Or as I like to call, your superpowers.

Identify your superpowers by following these steps:

  1. Turn To What Others Have Seen
  2. Acknowledge Admirable Qualities In Others
  3. Remember Experiences Of Deep Gratitude

If you want to take these steps in-depth, check out Let’s Talk Superpowers [Yes, You’ve Got Them!]

Step Two: Share Your Message LOUD and Unapologetically

Speak up girl!

People don’t need to hear regurgitated content. They need to hear your message. Loud. Clear. Unfiltered.

Your experiences make the way you teach what you teach completely unique. Recognize that someone has probably already said what you’re saying before. What’s going to attract your dream clients is sharing your experiences and sharing your wisdom from your perspective.

This is what’ll allow things to ‘click’ for the people who need you. Not that other girl you keep comparing yourself to and trying to be.

Step Three: Connect with YOUR Humans

Get to know your audience. The people, like I mentioned above, that need YOU. Ask yourself:

  1. What questions do they have?
  2. How can I answer them from my own fresh perspective?
  3. How can I add value, every day, for the people I want to serve?

Then… CREATE. Content.

Livestreams, YouTube videos, Pinterest pins, blog posts, social media posts, stories…

Not all of it to start.

Start by delivering what feels good for you. Show up the way that’s fun for you that’s also on a platform your humans are hanging out on. Start building the like, know, trust factor.

And most importantly, having conversations! You know, a two-sided stream of thoughts.

Interact with people. Add more value. And if you can help them in some way, it’s your duty to offer them the transformation of your offer.

If you struggle to create epic content on the reg and it feels straight up exhausting, it’s time to repurpose like a total boss. Grab Content to Clients here and copy-paste your killer content strategy that’ll give you way more balance.

Step Four: Grow, Evolve, and Stay True-to-You

Expand your content. Hone in on what topics you love to talk about but also attract your audience. Build your brand. Start working with more platforms.

But most importantly, stay true-to-you. Let everything you do be a direct reflection of who you are.


This is what leaders are. People who make a difference by forging their own way, showing others what is possible, and living authentically in a world that teaches us to conform.

You’ll make mistakes. Share them with your audience.

You’ll have lows. You’ll have highs. Be real.

Magnetically attract people for who you are. Transform their lives. And keep on going, growing, and make a fuck ton of money doing it.

What ways are you going to embrace your perfectly imperfect self to make more money online today? Tell me in the comments below!