My whole world has turned completely upside down since I started my entrepreneurial journey.

I’ve even heard things like “You’ve changed so much this past year and I don’t think it’s for the better.”

“Your work has consumed you.”

“I don’t know who you are anymore.”

In the same breath, I’ve heard “Your content sounds like everybody else in your industry. Are you really being authentic?”

So. Here it is. My truth.

Every single day what I’m doing churns my gut with fear. I choose, consciously, every day to do life differently.

To be uncomfortable.

To face judgment and criticism.

Writing this literally gives me butterflies. Because every day, I share a piece of myself with you.


Because freedom.

Because independence.

Because trailblazing, being a leader, making a difference, being a non-conformist, shaking the standards…

Passion, helping people, driving change…

Those things matter to me more than my own comfort.

Helping you get what you want and showing you what is possible matters more to me than playing it safe.

Here I am. Balls to the walls. Cajones out.

Are you ready to do the same for what matters to you?

Clarity Before Strategy

How did I become strong enough to continue to fight for my dreams, even in the face of questioning from those I love?

I got clear on my end goal. Then I got even clearer.

This is important for a few reasons:

  • Your why is the only thing that will sustain you when things get shaky. If you aren’t pushing towards something you believe in to your bones, as soon as the foundation cracks, your momentum will come tumbling down around you.
  • Decisions in entrepreneurship are hard and scary. All of a sudden, as a CEO, you have 100 more decisions to make in a day than you ever had before. Clarity and knowing with firm certainty what your end goal is can help ease these tough decisions. It allows you to only choose the paths that will get you THERE… and cut the fluff everywhere else. This is how you build an empire with joy, not overwhelm.
  • Being a #BossWoman means you need to have confidence and certainty in what you do. That looks like showing up and owning what you do. In every setting. At parties, at family gatherings, at your kid’s sporting event. You need to know exactly what you do, why, and how you can express it to others.

This is where your strategy needs to come from. A place of alignment.

I see entrepreneurs out there every day, hustling, trying to make it work…

Burnt out.



And unhappy.

You started this journey for the joy and freedom… Not to feel worse off than you did in your 9-5.

Stop looking for an external solution and inspiration. Everything you need is in you.

How to Get Clarity

Here are some steps you can take today to get clarity on your desires and ultimately your business strategy.

Visualize Your Future

Think about your desired future: The success, the impact, and the lifestyle that you want to have. What matters the most to you? Using social, sales, and self as your barometers for success… which ones matter the most to you and why?

Would you rather make a critically acclaimed movie or one that rolls in more dough at the box office?

Recognize the Action You’ve Created

What are you doing to get yourself there? What other steps are you currently taking in your life to shift your current situation into the dream you’ve laid out for your future?

Imagine Your Finished Business

What does your ‘finished’ business look like?

  1. What are you doing?
  2. Who are you helping?
  3. How does it feel?
  4. What are you earning?

Understand Your Personal Success Indicators

What will be a way to know you’ve achieved the impact, income, and self-satisfaction in your success you’re looking for?

Remember, it’s important to be aware of when we achieve our goals so we can celebrate our wins. Otherwise, we constantly are dissatisfied.

Empower Yourself to Be True to You

You’ve mapped out your dream business and envisioned what it will look like. Who is the person running this business?

This person is the TRUE YOU. This is who you are at your core, when your layers of self-limiting belief are peeled back. Any attributes you admire in this person, you already embody.

If it feels like you’re currently hindered in your life and you had a hard time answering these questions, I invite you to join the free Boundaries Like a Badass challenge.

Inside, I’ll help you address some of the things keeping you stuck and remove the blocks… So that you can get the forward momentum you’re looking for. Join here.