I love to absorb the energy of a place.

Recently, I’ve gone dark. I took a step away from many things that form my identity.

Particularly my business has taken a backseat as I’ve brought myself back to repeating shape shifting behavior. My superpower, but using it in a way which doesn’t serve me.

So here I am, sitting up the undisclosed location, on a beautiful lake. Breathing. In the leaves. In the quiet. And in more of me and my truth, out old ways.

Past patterns are the easy default. They feel safe. Simple.

When we aren’t intentional with our thoughts and actions, they are the behaviors that slip into our lives the most easily.

And so, how do you practice intentional living?

How do you break those old patterns?

For me, it’s by surrounding myself with the energy of a place. By making myself, my thoughts, and my identity a priority.

Here I am in this forest, a representation of my thoughts. Things flow freely here. The water, the wind, the clouds.

As I take this in, drink in the absence of sound, I begin to reconnect. It’s a physical change of sensation. The chest lightens and expands. The spine tangles. The breaths deepen. The awareness rises.

Simultaneously, the worry and thoughts lesson to something almost nonexistent, small and surrounded in a ball of self-love and calm certainty.

I absorb the energy around me. I believe we all do. And so we must choose … is it this? Calm, peace, quiet… Or the constant rush, hustle, and grind of the reality that’s been crafted as the only way to live?

I believe life can feel easeful. Hustle and grind are a choice. It’s important to have constant forward momentum, yes. But it’s not necessary to overextend ourselves into self-sacrifice to shape our realities into that which we desire.