It’s an overcast but lovely day in Split. The Adriatic Sea sparkles… Many boats and tourists fill the streets even though it’s late in the season.

I walked to my favorite coffee and gelato spot in the Diocletian palace.

The gentle looking man who serves me coffee, and did the other day, gives me the sweetest smile when I visit. Shy, closed mouth, eyes looking into mine then fleeting.

I, of course, have a Croatian boyfriend. But maybe I need two.

I officially saw the fattest dog, cat, and fly I have ever seen so far in my life in this one day. The strays are well fed by the tourists in Split. Even the ones who only live 24 hours.

People’s walks are lazy in the square. Slow. Lilting. Looking for something… and landing eagerly on the cones and flavors of the gelato shop.

Today I’m starting this travel blog. This nomadic lifestyle blog. I’ll go back, with some intention of giving history leading to this moment.

Sitting in the square. Writing this as I drink a black Americano. Cross-legged next to the stray cats.

But the reality is my life just started.

You may as well get to know me now and not ask of my past.

I am more me than the past me could ever be.

A Brief History (The Past 72 Hours)

Insight into the blooming from the girl I was before.

It’s October 2, 2018.

Holy shit balls.

I’m sitting in the streets of Split, Croatia right now. I have more money in my bank account then what I came here with. I just had gelato and espresso for motherfucking breakfast.

I’ve also come to realize I have an epic memory and sense of direction. I found the gelato place I went to months ago with Mikki’s group when I came here for one day. One day! And through this crazy maze of the palace, I found THIS place.

I was feeling odd this morning. Weird. Off.

Am I just scared? Jetlagged? Letting go of my past life? Seriously, that’s what it feels like.

A past life.

Who knows. But here is what I do now.

When I needed inspiration, I stepped out of my door and found it. In the streets of this beautiful city. In me. In my ability to create…

As shown by this epic life. I’ve created I’m so fucking grateful.

Thank you, universe. God. My divine guidance and power. I’m literally lit up from the inside and close to crying with happiness.

Oh yes. I’m fucking scared.

But since trusting this inner source… Here is what has happened.

I felt passion again.

I felt more inspired than I ever have.

I’ve met more amazing people and connected with them in ways I couldn’t have even imagined.

I’ve designed a life and business that feels more true to me than anything I’ve ever created before. I’ve signed the most massive client deal of my life.

And I’m doing work that lights me up and makes me feel amazing.

Life. Is. On. Fire.

I am so beyond grateful.

Also, I just dropped something and the cutest boy ran over to pick it up for me before I could even put my journal down. I don’t know how life could get any better.

I’m in love. With myself. With my business. With what’s around me. With life. The future.

This inspired feeling I have whenever I give myself space to tap back into my own power and energy. I’m going to live my fullest, most inspired, most expansive moment on this planet that I possibly can.

October 3, 2018

Today my limiting believes have created negative self-talk.

Things about not being good enough. Kind enough. Capable of love.


The truth is… I was meant to be big. With my life, nothing has ever been small or normal.

I am just at the very beginning, of something that is a whole new chapter.

I am ready for the ups and the downs. I am ready to face things that I have not I never planned to. Both in this world, My external environment, and within myself. Those buried demons.

Cheers to me… Or as they say in Croatian, živjeli.