It’s time to put your content creation on autopilot with someone you can actually trust to nail your brand voice.

You’ve built your empire on your voice, your personal brand, and genuine human connection.

Which means you need to consistenly provide killer quality content that’s oh-so-true to you.

Problem: How do you trust someone to be able to replicate that?

Outsourcing is tricky ‘cus your content is you. The dream is you show up for a podcast or livestream, and someone magically turns that into a blog post, emails, and social media posts that are bomb AF, authentic, high-converting, and resonate with your ideal client. That’s starting to feel like it’s impossible…

But I’m your fucking magical unicorn.

Forget every piece of crap content you’ve ever received back from a freelancer. I can actually nail your brand voice and make your life a hella lot easier.

I know you’re skeptical. So I’ll show you before you commit to working together by repurposing a piece of your content.

And once you’re totally sold, here’s what you get every week:

  1. One blog post with SEO implemented
  2. Two emails with call-to-actions implemented
  3. Ten social media posts formatted for Facebook and Instagram
  4. An audiogram formatted for stories and formatted as a square for you social feeds

That’s a total of 4x blog posts, 8x emails, 4x audiograms for stories, 4x audiograms for your feeds, and 40x social media posts a month. All you gotta do is show up for your lives or podcasts when you’re feeling inspired then publish the content that’s made for you.


Stef Joanne. Self Made Millionaire and Online Business Coach.

Payment option one

for podcasts or livestreams under 45 minutes

*Minimum 3 month commitment


Payment option two

for podcasts or livestreams over 45 minutes and under 1.5 hours

*Minimum 3 month commitment


Fill out the fields below and I’ll get back to you within 5 business days.

Please note: I only take applicants who I really fucking love their brand voice and can therefore give them bomb ass content. If it feels like a good fit, I’ll send you a piece of repurposed content that’s yours to keep so you can see what I can do. And then we’ll get started if you’re gaga in love.

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