Marketing, business branding and expanding your overall reach are difficult to accomplish without the right system in place. I personally feel that as far as PR strategies are concerned, the main areas for every company to focus on include performance marketing, email marketing, and integrating consumer insights into the fold.

With that said,  let’s take time to look at the benefits of all three of these strategies right now. And by the time we’re through, you’ll see the value of focusing your marketing, public relations and business branding strategies in these specific areas.

Performance Marketing Benefits

As far as performance marketing is concerned, there are four crucial benefits to this dominant strategy. They include:

  • Performance marketing is measurable and trackable

    • The only true way to find out if your marketing efforts are effective is to track and measure them. This way you can discover which advertising methods are working and which ones aren’t. While doing this, you can also implement a time tracker application to measure exactly the hours has been spent on a single campaign, a good SEO management tool to track the movements of your keywords on the SERP as well. Beside that, a  huge benefit of performance marketing is one that branding experts, PR firms and marketing strategists utilize to the fullest in order to create the greatest ROI for their clients.


  • Extend your advertising reach with performance marketing

    • By employing an army of website publishers to market your brand and promote your products and services, you will seriously extend your reach beyond anything that you can successfully do on your own. By having numerous affiliates market to their specific niche, business owners can increase sales and reach vertical markets by receiving greater exposure in niches that they wouldn’t normally be able to reach.


  • Revenue stream diversification

    • The beauty of performance marketing is that it allows you to diversify your revenue streams. With traditional marketing and advertising, you create a single revenue stream. With performance marketing, numerous sales channels open up and help you expand your reach during good times as well as tough economic times.


  • Innovation through affiliates

    • By adding affiliates to your marketing and branding mix, you can take advantage of their creativity and aggressiveness as far as promoting your products and services are concerned. Affiliates will drive more traffic and sales to your business, and they love doing this because it helps them earn more and more commissions. Affiliates are also quick to jump on new marketing methods, and this can generate quick returns and greater sales to create a win-win situation for all parties concerned.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing provides a wide range of benefits for business owners. The main benefits include:

  • Targeted advertising – since interested parties opt-in to an email list, businesses can take advantage of targeted advertising and create messages geared toward their target audience.
  • Measurable results – just like performance marketing, email marketing makes it simple to measure results. Your email autoresponder tracks clicks, open rates, and other important factors to help businesses measure their success through email campaigns.

Customer Insights Benefits

By merging business intelligence and customer insights, companies will receive the following benefits:

  • Winning over potential customers – by utilizing customer insights, you can create products, services, and campaigns based on this information. It becomes easy to win over new customers when you know exactly what they want and need and use it to your advantage.
  • Seeing the big picture – customer insights help you discover what your customers want and why they want them. Fulfilling a need of your customers always needs to be at the forefront of all your plannings. This crucial insight makes it easier than ever to determine which products and services will go over well with your current and future customer base.


Public relations and marketing seems harder than ever to companies on the outside of the cutting edge. You are now armed with knowledge that proves performance marketing, customer insights, and email marketing will help grow and expand your business to levels of success most would never imagine possible.

Ready to get started with your business development strategy?