Are you thinking about hiring a content marketing writer?

Maybe you’re new to content marketing. Or perhaps you know how powerful content marketing is but aren’t sure your DIY campaign is paying off as well as it should.

Content marketing involves putting content online in the form of videos, posts, business blogs, and beyond that cultivates interest in your brand. It is an essential way to reach specific customers, promote your brand image, and expand your digital platform.

You can avoid a lot of common mistakes that can negatively impact many aspects of your business by hiring a professional content marketing writer. Read on to learn what mistakes an expert will most assuredly sidestep once brought onto your team.

1. Writing Content That’s Already Out There

Content marketing writing involves more than just what’s on your website. While your website is super important–it really is your online business card for your business–so is all other content you share on other websites, social media profiles, and news blasts.

Some people assume that when they post something promotional on Facebook, it does not need as much thought. They write something without checking to see if someone has already said the same thing.

Unknowingly stealing other company’s words or branding language can backfire immediately. Intentionally stealing other companies’ content is even worse. But at the end of the day, plagiarism is plagiarism.

The right content that will take your marketing campaign far will be fresh, original, and useful. It won’t be already out there floating around the internet.

Luckily, hiring a content marketing writer will ensure that you avoid this mistake. Professional writers are schooled in deriving content that is central to your brand image and authentic. The content they produce will be distinct from everything else out there.

2. Getting the Facts Wrong

There’s been a lot of talk about fake news lately, but even more talk about prominent people spewing out the wrong facts. Unfortunately, getting facts or statistics wrong is more common than we think when it comes to promotional content.

Facts are important to garnering interest in a subject or product, which is why content marketers use them. But putting up the wrong facts can quickly take away your authority as a business and push people away from your brand.

Hire a professional content marketing writer so that you can be assured that the content your brand puts forth is fact checked and data-driven. As a result, more customers will trust your company name.

3. Pulling Away From Your Brand Image

There is so much out there when it comes to advertising on the web. It can be tempting to want to just leap in and write content that is first and foremost engaging.

The problem with this is that engaging content doesn’t necessarily talk up your brand. Remember that content marketing isn’t about the direct promotion of your products. It’s more about the emphasis on your brand image.

All of your content should stick with your brand image and central message. Think of it as a thesis statement of an essay.

You guessed it–expert content marketing writers are really good at this. They’ll spend loads of time getting to know your exact brand image and message so that all online content is in line with it.

4. Being too Controversial

While the unexpected and audacious draw attention, the too-political can often draw the wrong kind of attention. While it’s important to cater to your consumers’ emotions, it’s also important to draw the line with content marketing.

Some businesses get too political with their content, or partner with the wrong companies. They assume that social media posts are fleeting and that people easily forget what’s put up online.

Unfortunately, people do remember what’s posted on social media and they are wary of overly political branding. Professionals can make sure that your branding tows the right line.

5. Trying to Do It All At Once

Content marketing is overwhelming to anyone who is not well versed in it and can be even to the pros. A common mistake that can backfire is trying to take on too many campaigns and spewing information across the internet randomly.

It’s important to deliver the right content at the right time and to deliver it in manageable ways. A content marketing writer knows this. H/she will deliver content on a timely schedule and ensure that campaigns are streamlined and effective.

6. Forgetting that It’s A Marketing Tool

At the end of the day, content marketing writing is marketing. And why do we market? To attract customers but also get data from those customers.

A lot of businesses make the mistake of ignoring this second part. They don’t get data on their content marketing campaigns, either because they think they can’t or don’t think to do it.

A successful marketing campaign is data-driven and data-given. It should be constantly analyzed for what’s working and what’s not, how many leads it’s getting, how many conversions, etc., etc.

Professional content marketing writers will know this from the get-go and will bring in cutting-edge technology to manage data and modify accordingly.

7. Delivering Content Through the Wrong Channels

When it comes to content marketing campaigns, it’s easy to assume that this means putting content up on a website and social media. A lot of marketers assume that there are concrete channels out there for all content.

While social media is incredibly important for content marketing, it’s not the only channel out there. Furthermore, it’s the right channel for certain content. Delivering content through the wrong channels can mean a short-circuited campaign and wasted money.

Avoid this mistake by hiring an expert who will be well-versed in marketing channels and appropriate content.

Avoiding Mistakes by Hiring a Content Marketing Writer

Content marketing writing is central to your advertising campaigns, whether you are posting on social media or adding new blog posts to your website. While a lot of businesses think they may save money by writing content on their own, they can avoid a lot of horrible mistakes by inviting a pro on board.

Content marketing writers can make sure that you avoid promoting your brand image through the wrong channels, disorganized campaigns, and unanalyzed methods. They’ll derive authentic content that doesn’t steal from other companies’ language, and always stick to your brand image.

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