Stop Dreaming. Start Doing. Turn your profitable idea into a money making business plan in four weeks flat.

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Are you ready to:

Turn that kickass idea you keep day dreaming about into a money making business plan?

Get out of your head and into action so that you can start getting the clients you want?

Stop spinning your wheels and start creating a real strategy that works?

Stop comparing yourself to what everyone else is doing and create your own success?

You and me. One month. A ton of payoff.

This program is for the go getter, mover and shaker, who is ready to actually take action on that ‘big idea.’ Fast.

Ready to take action? Ready to make things happen, for reals? Apply now to start your journey.

Chat with Dayna Lisa About YPE

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a lot of really freaking good ideas in your life. I turned mine into a profitable business and help others do the same every day.

What’s keeping you from doing the same?

The vision keeps naggin’ ya… You find yourself constantly day dreaming about your ‘big vision’ and the life you could live if you turned it into a killer business.

Well bae, I’m here to help you create the solid foundations you need to turn that vision into a reality. For reals.

Four weeks. You make this commitment, and I’ll guide you to create a solid business plan that can start making you money right away.

Join Your Profitable Empire and Transform your idea into a brand, business, offers, and plan to connect with your dream clients in 4 weeks.

Chat with Dayna Lisa About YPE

Does this sound familiar?

A bolt of inspiration strikes in the night. One second you’re sound asleep… the next you’re dreaming about this crazy awesome business idea that struck you like lightening.

But where to start?

Before you know it, the fears and doubts start to creep in. What if it doesn’t work? What if I fail? Who would really want this, anyways? Someone is probably already out there doing this… who am I to turn this into a business?

But you’re sold. You want this bad. So you start researching and delving into the world of entrepreneurship. You persevere, even though you’re bat shit scared.

Then… WHOA. There’s a lot to take in… where do you even start? Funnels, ads, email lists, opt-ins, branding, live videos… AH!

Listen. You have this idea, this burning flame that can’t be doused, for a reason. You’re here to make it happen. You’re here on purpose. And my purpose is to help you cut the fluff, get to the important bits, and turn that vision into a way to make money so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start turning a profit.

That’s what Your Profitable Empire is all about. Cut the fluff. Take action. Get over your current mindset obstacles. And create a plan that can get you the clients, money, and life you’re craving.

Imagine if you could have…

A clear vision of your brand, business, niche market, and offers so that you can start getting visible and finding clients

A road map for how to connect with your dream clients so that they can start finding, and working with, you

An authentic voice that stands out from all the noise online and feels good while helping you make money

A solid strategy for both your mindset and business growth that kickstarts your success

You can. That’s what Your Profitable Empire is all about, baby. One month to massive action. One month to clarity. One month to turn your vision into an entrepreneur reality. I’m going to show you how.

Chat with Dayna Lisa About YPE

Even if you…

Don’t Know where to start

That’s ok, bae. I’ve got you. I’m starting at ground zero with you to either build on what you’ve started or build what you want from scratch. Whether you’ve already started designing your business or simply have a vision… you’re covered.

Are worried about failing

What’s in the program gets results. Period. If you make a full commitment to show up and do the work, you can get massive results. I’ve seen my clients go from crying on the floor to launching their business, offers, and sign their first high paying client in one month.

Have never run a profitable business before

I get how overwhelming the world of entrepreneurship is. There is so much information (and misinformation) out there to sift through when starting your business. I’ve cut the fluff. Everything in the program is about getting you out of your own head and into action, creating a strategy that acutally works, and kickstarting your success. No excuses.

What you’ll receive

– 3 One-On-One Coaching Calls with Dayna Lisa
– A Personalized Coaching Dashboard with All the Materials You Need for Success
– A Ton of Video Trainings and Guided Support
– Access to and Support in the Private Facebook Group

Listen, I’m all about knowing your ‘Big Why.’ That sh*t is super important. But you know what else is important? Having a strategy and a how to get there.

I’m a no BS kind of girl. There are systems, strategy, and support in this program. I’ve got a road map that I know can work for you. I’ve used it time and time again for both my own success and my client’s successes.

Oh, and I’m great at getting you out of your own way, too. All those fears and doubts you’re feeling right now? I’ll help you move through them and empower you to take action.

DISCLAIMER: This sh*t is not going to be easy.

I am going to push you to achieve huge goals and inspire you to get out of ‘planning’ and into ‘doing.’ This is not for you if you aren’t ready to get uncomfortable. You’re going to need to do things you’ve never done before in order to get results you’ve never had before.

Ready for that? I’m ready to help.

Chat with Dayna Lisa About YPE

The Program Layout

Week One: Igniting Your Superpowers + Building Your Brand

What’s your story? What unique skills do you have that set you apart in your industry? How can you use them in a unique way with your technical skills?

We’ll dive into all of this and more to build an authentic, true-to-you, money making brand that stands out in the cramped online world.

Week Two: Your Dream Clients and How to Connect with Them

Oh baby, it’s time to go unicorn hunting.

Your dreamy, perfect fit, unicorn clients are out there. What are they frustrated with? What are their dream solutions? How are you the perfect fit to make their dreams come true?

Let’s dig in.

Week Three: Your Offers and How to Market them Online

It’s time to turn that money making idea into a tangible thing you can offer your unicorn dream clients.

Let’s create your first profitable offer and make a game plan for how you can start selling it to make money.

Magic is happening.

Week Four: Making Your Magic Visible to the World + Getting Clients

Your idea is now a brand. You know who it’s for, what you have to offer, and how to communicate your message.

Time to get super visible. Let’s shout your name to the world.

We’re setting you up to make an impact and start getting the influence you crave.

Your Investment: $1,399

Chat with Dayna Lisa About YPE

She took all my brilliant ideas and helped me choose where to start and discover how to create the foundation for the business and life that I craved. She was sensitive to my insane mom schedule and she talked me through the moments when I doubted myself or felt like I wasn’t moving forward.

Within 31 days, I was able to get my shit together, rebrand my business (in a way that is undeniably me!), identify and understand my dream client more that I thought was possible, and create incredible offers for amazing, ambitious moms that are unsupported and just as overwhelmed as I was in this process.

I launched on day 31 with a unique, personal, and bold website that set me up for success. Within one week of my launch, my inbox was full of messages from my ideal clients and my Jam Sessions were completely full with women wanting to work with me.

I couldn’t be more satisfied with the work Dayna and I did in those 31 days. She gave me the support I needed in a moment where I didn’t have what I needed.

Jennifer Armstrong

CEO, So F*cking Simple

I would absolutely reccommend Dayna to any of my friends… anyone who is an entrepreneur, anyone who is looking to build up their business, or are looking to shift their mindset.

Sometimes we have these great ideas about how we want to serve people, what we want to give back to them… but we don’t have a clear strategy for how to get that out. A strategy that is sustainable.

Working with her gave me systems and tools to serve my customers and also my well being. If you need a coach who is very personable and very connected to where you are because of her own personal journey — I would completely and totally, truthfully and honestly, recommend Dayna for you.

Dawn McKinnis

CEO, Atmospheres of Wellness

Hi, I’m dayna lisa :: empowering women to wear their crown :: Beating Burnout + Overwhelm to Joyously build their empire

Joy is your GPS. Are you feeling joyful?

I’ve been where you are if you’re off track — deeply sad, lost, confused, and living unintentionally. The only hope in that place is to tell yourself ‘things will get better.’

And yes, they will. As soon as you decide to start designing your dreams and life, to start exploring your purpose, and to stop fearing failure and embracing it as growth… you will start walking the path of your destiny.

I know because I’ve done it, and I’ve helped others do the same. Now I have a system for creating online businesses that turn entrepreneur’s visions into reality.

If you dedicate yourself to the journey, I promise to guide you down the path of your transformation. There’s a perfect path for every pineapple… let’s find yours.

Chat with Dayna Lisa About YPE

Ready for massive action? No more excuses. This is it.

You’re committed. You have the burning desire to get out of ‘planning’ and into ‘action’. Then this is for YOU.

Stop dreaming and start doing — This program will get you solid business foundations for success.

Create your authentic brand, stand out online, connect with your dream clients, and start selling what you have to offer.

Stop comparing yourself to what everyone else is doing and unlock the key to your niche market and your success.

Get out of your own way and stop over-analyzing every move. Cut the fluff, stop spinning your wheels, and get the forward momentum you need to build your profitable empire.

You want to be an entrepreneur because you know you’re meant for more. The world needs you and your big vision to become a reality.

And you can have it all.

But you’re stuck in planning. You’re comparing yourself to others. Your strategy needs massive actionclarity, and accountablity so you can start getting clients and making money doing what you’re meant to do.

Let’s do this. Your Profitable Empire is only 2 payments of $700 right now.

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