'Very Important Pineapple' VIP Coaching Program

This is Your Time. Together, We Can Unlock Your Success and Design Your Passion Driven Online Business.


I truly believe you’re meant for more. Let’s break open your fullest potential.

We’ll design your balanced business by creating practical mindset and software systems.

I’ll help you turn your skills and differentiators into transformative offers your dream clients can’t resist and that make you the money you deserve.

I care about your happiness. We’ll help you overcome your mindset barriers and inhibitions to create a confident, authentic online empire.


If you’re ready to fully commit to your entrepreneurial transformation, I’m ready to guide you there. It’s no obligation to see if we’re a good fit for each other. Pick a date and time for your call.



Remember being back in college, feeling like the world was yours?


Recall that feeling of invincibility and never ending hope — everything was possible. You were going to graduate with your degree, walk into the office of your dream job, and immediately get hired.

The world was completely cracked open, your oyster. What an amazing feeling to have – like any possibility could be yours. And it could!

Because you’re smart. You’re skilled, intelligent, driven, and a true go-getter. You’ll do anything to achieve your goals. You make things happen. It’s just who you are. And you wanted to climb that corporate ladder, feel how it felt to sit at the top knowing you had achieved it – not with the help of anyone else, just YOU. Being the finest version of yourself and using your smarts and skills to make it to the top.

I love that about you. I love how purposefully you live your life, with so much intention and desire to achieve.

And you did achieve it! You made it!! You worked your way through that corporation and succeeded at everything you knew you would.

Remember how it felt to land that dream job? You were nervously waiting for the call, wondering if you did well in the interview. What if you bombed it? What if they didn’t call back?

But when they did… pure joy! You did it!! That sense of accomplishment was unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

So, you started your career. You might’ve even thought “this is it, this is where I’ll work the rest of my life!” — and when you said it, it felt good. It felt right.

 Something happened to you, though. you started to lose pieces of your young, hopeful self. 

The more you worked your job, the more you realized how cutthroat your new world was. Your soft, hopeful shell hardened into something a few shades more jaded than your younger self.

In order to “make it,” you’ve often had to set aside your kindness, vulnerability, and even spirituality… your intuition sometimes gets put on the back burner in order to let logic and your wits guide you through the corporate landscape.

That gut instinct often gets squandered so you can work with the ‘bigwigs,’ even if you don’t agree with their ethics and morals. Sometimes in meetings your intuition tells you to speak up but you suppress it in order to not ‘rock the boat.’

Every time you did this, a piece of you got left behind. Little by little, your younger more hopeful self slipped away.

 And then, you started to feel something else too… 

A longing. A desire. As much as you tried, you couldn’t overlook it — Something was missing… and for the first time in a very long time, you started to think about your younger self. Yes, you wanted to climb that ladder. But you also wanted to feel fulfilled, like you were living for a larger purpose, a deep sense of achievement that goes beyond money and status.

This isn’t what you imagined… constant babysitting, working for others less competent than you, slaving away and missing family events for the benefit of a corporation that doesn’t even seem to appreciate you.

You often find yourself daydreaming… imagining a life that offers you the freedom and liberty to live your lifestyle AND spend time with your family.

A life that lights you up and makes you feel passionate. A job where you can use your skills to help people who truly appreciate you and everything you do.

But it’s missing. It’s missing in your corporate, stressful, soul-sucking job. Maybe the company doesn’t align with your morals and ethics. Or you’re working underneath people less competent than you but they call all the shots. You’ve lost a life balance, your priorities feel skewed, and you’re spending too many hours working for somebody else.

You always tell yourself “things will get better when…” but then the time comes and everything stays exactly the same. You’ve almost stopped pinning your hopes on the future, because every time you do, you’re disappointed.

Sometimes you don’t even want to think about it. You’re starting to disconnect entirely. It’s too terrifying — you’ve worked your whole life to get here. You have to be happy… it feels like you don’t have any other choice. How can you replace your corporate salary and continue to live your desired lifestyle if you leave your stable job? What will happen to your finances? Your family? Yourself?

Your want to make a change. You know you’re skilled and have more to offer. But there are so many doubts filling your mind.

What will my family think? My colleagues?

How will I make money?

How long will it take? I don’t have time to invest in this right now… I’m so busy!

I don’t know how to start a business… who even needs my help? How can I do it better than others in my industry? Failure is not an option… but it’s a terrifying possibility.

What about everything I’ve worked so hard for? Do I just flush it down the toilet?

 But there is hope. i want to share a secret with you… 

All of these fears are inside your own mind… and you have control over them.

Your intuition knows something is up. It knows you’re meant for more. Your higher self is aware you aren’t living your fullest potential. It’s trying to help you make a change.

But your ego, your rational mind, is trying to protect you. It wants you to stay stable, comfortable, and safe. In your terrible job where the outcome is completely predictable.

Predictability and safety won’t make you happy.

That’s why your younger self was so full of life… the future was hopeful, unpredictable, and exciting.


It’s time to get back your relationship with that girl. She’s still inside you. The daring, passionate, heartfelt woman you’ve left pieces of behind as you climbed the ladder. She’s still there, inside you, screaming “Pay attention to me! You can be happy! You can be fulfilled!”

She knows. She knows you have so much more to give this world. Listen to your inner higher self. Your powerful feminine energy wants you to use her to the fullest potential to ignite your inner fire and start living your greater purpose.

You’re meant to be an entrepreneur. A trailblazer. An inspirational influencer.

The longer you wait, the more you suppress your inner fire.

This is your time. And I’m ready to guide you. Let me use my fullest potential to help you turn your vision into a reality. Stop living your life for someone else. Start living for YOU and spreading your knowledge, skills, and passion with those who need you the most – not a company that will never light you up.

Imagine this…

You wake up. You smile because you’re excited to start the day and you have a meeting with one of your favorite clients over coffee.

As you get ready for the day, you reflect on where you were just a short year ago. You were sitting at your office desk, looking out over the busy street, dreading the conference call you’re about to join.



back then, you were constantly trading time for money. 

All your time and energy went into making money for a corporation who didn’t even appreciate your full value.

Just a short year ago, you were scared but determined to take the leap into entrepreneurship. And you did it anyways. You overcame your inhibitions and finally let your intuition guide you for the first time in years.

And as soon as you stopped suppressing your instincts, amazing things started happening.

You built a brand, offers, and business that were true-to-you and authentic. Your business feels like a true reflection of who you are as a person, not just your capabilities.

Yes, you had to work your butt off to get here. But you were working your butt off FOR YOU and your own business, for your passion. You’ve finally perfected the secret recipe – you’ve mixed your skills and training with your personal experience and superpowers.

Now you work with clients that light you up. Everything feels natural and easeful.  You can hardly believe you make more than you did at your corporate job to do something that feels so stress free.

This is where you are meant to be. Your whole life has been leading up to this moment. All you needed was guidance and to look inside yourself and start trusting your gut.

Your six figure paychecks are great, but you also have the time to travel, spend time with your family, and enjoy your favorite activities.

Not only that… but you feel like you’re really making a difference in the world. Your new company helps people achieve their goals and your clients love to work with you.

 This can be your reality. now is your time. you’ve got this. 

SPOTS AVAILABLE. Don't miss your chance to BECOME A PINEAPPLE.

You have something completely unique. Something that makes you, you. And nobody else can replicate it.

Now it’s time to turn that badass ability into offers your dream clients can’t resist and a digital business. But that business needs a plan — A Digitally Daring plan that will make you POP out in the cramped digital space.

And not only do you need to stand out, you need killer offers, a bomb dot com website, a plan for all your digital content creation, an optimized automated sales funnel, and a short-term PLUS long-term plan for growth online.

Well, babe, that’s the Dayna Lisa VIP ULTIMATE DISCOVERY PACKAGE. You’ll take your dream from the clouds and turn it into a digital reality in 4 months flat.

During our 120 days of coaching, you’ll get:

  • Weekly 60 minute coaching consultations to keep you on point
  • 5 days/week support via Voxer
  • A guided step by step process to discover:
    • Your unique selling points and how to exploit them in your marketing and branding
    • Your dream clients, including who they are, how to speak to them, their pain-points, and their dream goals
    • How you can draw in your dream clients
  • Your buyer’s journey, including how to create digital content that speaks to your ideal dream client and helps them discover you as the best solution to their pain points
  • A plan for digital content creation, optimization, and effectiveness
  • How to create content for your funnel and automate the funnel process
  • How to create an execution plan for your marketing system
  • The best way to market yourself on social media and a map for quick client injection
  • Long-term search engine optimization training so you can grow organically over time
  • Copywriting tips and tricks to speak easily to your target audience while still being authentically you
  • BONUS: Access to my private Facebook support group so you can chat to digital divas just like you and get valuable insights to help your strategy

Get your website beautiful, daring, and user-experience friendly.

My Very Important Pineapples deserve the most beautiful website possible.

You’ll get a one-page website built for you on WordPress and basic training (over one session) on how to use the system. You’ll also receive 5 days of Voxer support while you learn the builder.

[If you request additional Landing Pages, training, or design, I can create a custom quote for your one-page layout add ons]

brand journey discovery

target persona creation

buyer’s journey analysis

optimized, simplified funnel

automation training

execution plan + Summaries

editorial calendar + planner

social media distribution planner

A Message From Dayna Lisa

To the Entrepreneurial Spirits on the Fence About Taking the Leap

I love working with my pineapples one on one. This is where we get to truly dig deep, open up, and remove the obstacles in your path to success.

The process won’t be easy but I promise to help guide you down your path of transformation. If you’re still here, then this is for you. Stop second guessing your intuition and let’s make your dreams come true.

Yes, Dayna Lisa. I’m Ready to Become a Passion driven and successful entrepreneur online. I’m ready to start living my fullest potential.

Great. I’ve got you. Click below to get started and pick your time for your no obligation free first session, the Balanced Business Breakthrough.

From start to finish, we’ll have your dream from in the clouds turned into a digital strategy and fully launched. You’ll have short-term and long-term execution plans for online success.  You’ll overcome the mental barriers holding you back from being your authentic self. And you’ll be trained and capable at being confidently self-sufficient at running your passion driven and successful empire.

Investment: $7,399

You better RUN to get in with Dayna Lisa — before she is fully booked and forced to raise her prices. One session… that’s right, I said one session that was 1.5 hours long… and she killed all my doubts. She took my dream and put it down on paper in insane detail without missing a beat.

Jennifer Armstrong

CEO, SoFuckingSimple.com