Have you ever worked with someone that really ground your gears? You know, it just felt like a total chore?

I have. And I bet you have too. But thankfully, my experiences were back in the day when I worked for someone else.

One of the beauties of entrepreneurship is you can create a business that draws in people you really want to work with. The type of people that light you up and make you feel alive. And that you can serve with your fullest potential, doing the work you love.

So what’s the secret ingredient to make sure you do it, every time?

Turns out, it’s vulnerability. That raw, real, authentic part of us that is so easy to hide away for fear of shame.

When I started sharing my story with women, something amazing happened. I naturally attracted the type of person who could benefit the most from my services. They realized how well understood they would be throughout their journey with me… because I had walked a similar path.

What to Do First: Considering Your Story in Your Business

The fact is, you can’t live your fullest potential and start serving your higher purpose without first doing a few things:

  • Identifying your unique superpowers. These come from your personal experiences in life — they can’t be replicated by anyone else, and they’re undeniably what make you, you.
  • Marrying your superpowers with your technical skills. This is your recipe and cocktail for success. Not just financial success. Happiness, joy, and passion driven business.
  •  Learning to communicate yourself as the solution for you dream clients. Your messaging, social media posts, images, tone, systems… everything from the inside out must be designed to exploit your superpowers.

I know the term superpowers seems loosey goosey to some people. But the truth is, we all have them. You don’t have to fly, shoot laser beams, or walk through walls to be magical.

When you start opening up your true being, becoming your authentic self in everything you do, you’ll realize the connections you make will be tranformative. Not only for your clients, but for you too.

So, are you ready?

Are you designing a life that will help you achieve the ultimate goal? Financial and emotional freedom? Tell me below!