The sun is SHINING today. It’s joyous and beautiful… much like me in this moment.

I went into the center to meet Livio. He was my group’s tour guide the first time I came to Croatia at the end of June this year. He’s somewhere near fifty but you wouldn’t know it… listening to his stories about travelling the world and finding the slow, off-the-grid spaces to spend his free time makes me see why.

We all talk about the fountain of youth and how it’s a great myth, when in reality we turn a blind eye to the gift’s God has given us from nature herself to make the most of this life.

Our coffees were perfect under the palm trees while basking in the sun and the sweater I wore this morning gets peeled off before I’ve sipped my Americano. Is it still snowing in Canada? I almost forgot…

The last couple days I’ve been reflecting on self-love (side note: if you missed it, I wrote about radical self love with the help of one of Split’s famous statues… check out the post here)

It’s lead me to dig into what I want. Not like, what do I want in this moment instant gratification.

Oh no, none of that surface level bullshit. I’ve been asking myself…

“Dayna, what do you want WANT?”


Big picture, where am I going with everything that I do?

When I was coaching business clients and helping them start online businesses, this came up FIRST. Because it was something I saw again and again… People could give me the basic answer of ‘I want consistent five figure months’ but when I asked them WHY… well, they drew a blank.


Ever felt confused, overwhelmed, unsure?

Of course. We all have.

Because we’ve all gone through moments in our life where we aren’t in alignment with our big picture end goals. So ever decision feels hard. Every opportunity hits us in the gut with ‘what ifs’ whether we’re thinking about the do or the don’t.

But if you can ask yourself, ‘Will this help me get closer to THAT THING, that numero uno, that big picture vision I’m holding in my mind’s eye for what I want outta life… suddenly decisions become easier. Things become clearer.

It all comes together.

Buuuut… it’s so easy to slip out of this place and into the typical grind. Back into that place of feeling like you ‘have to do this in order to get that’. Blinded by the step directly in front of you… and out of sight of the big picture.


Now here I am getting back to what I want WANT.

And it looks something like this…

  • Lasting, loving relationships with people who know the real me
  • Adventure and constant growth. I never want to feel stagnant
  • The freedom to use money as an energetic investment in my desires
  • A deep knowing and trust of my own intuition
  • To be challenged regularly in my work
  • Connection with like minded people on the entrepreneurial space that leads to symbiotic relationships. Us all working in our zone of genius and supporting each other
  • Eventually a home… a place that is my home base and feels amazing to go back to again and again
  • Acceptance and love from within myself, to be completely comfortable in who I am and loving myself for all aspects of me
  • Impact and influence with women who are following their passion and doing things differently – I want to inspire people to live their best life

What do YOU want WANT?

Tell me below.