Start getting what you want and creating your own success in this 5 day empowerment challenge

If you never have time to do the things you love, have a hard time making the right decisions to grow your business with joy, feel like you don't get as much as you give, or like your needs in life and business aren't being met... this is for you.

“You’re a giver. You love to help, you love to be generous, and you want to make things easier for others. But you never receive what you need, and it’s stopping you from achieving your goals. You’ll never create your #SuccessStory. You can STOP saying ‘yes’ to circumstances that don’t serve you and start getting the money, clients, impact, and SUCCESS you deserve. Start with Boundaries Like a Badass.” – Dayna Lisa

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Are you ready to:

Start building the life you desire instead of sacrificing yourself to help lift up other people’s dreams?

Stop being a people pleaser and start getting what you want?

Stop feeling like nobody understands what you want and  finally BE the one getting as much as you give?

Stop saying yes to people and circumstances that don’t serve you and start getting your needs MET (we’re talking time, clients, money)?

You can create a life and business that is successful AND joyous. And you can do it all with grace while you still help others.

what you will learn

This day we’re going to lay out what the word ‘boundaries’ means for YOU. Today you’ll discover what boundaries means to you so that you can start building the life you desire instead of sacrificing yourself to help lift up other people’s dreams.
There are likely a few things in your life you’ve said ‘yes’ to that aren’t serving you. Today we’ll address them and I’ll give you tools to take action so that you can stop being a people pleaser and start getting what you want.
If you wanna be a boundary badass, you’ll need some kickass communication skills. I’m going to teach you how to make sure you gracefully can communicate your boundaries to others — So you can listen to your gut, make your desires known, and start getting what you need.
It’s time to set you up for ongoing boundary badassery! I’ll help set you up for ongoing success so that you can stop saying yes to circumstances that don’t serve you and start getting supported in your success.
Now that you have some new found time for yourself and your priorities, it’s time to make sure you use this time like a total badass! Let’s create a schedule that sets you up for success so that you can live a fulfilling life while building your empire.

What you’ll receive

– 5 Daily Video Trainings
– 5 Daily PDF Workbook Exercises
– A Comprehensive Dashboard

Not to mention all of the amazing mindset shifts and proven effective tools to help you become a total #GoalDigger success story! Learn how to become a badass boss woman and start making your dreams come true.

Hi, I’m dayna lisa :: empowering women to wear their crown :: Get your #SuccessStory and do it with joy, not burnout.

Joy is your GPS. Are you feeling joyful?

I’ve been where you are if you’re off track — deeply sad, lost, confused, and living unintentionally. The only hope in that place is to tell yourself ‘things will get better.’

And yes, they will. As soon as you decide to start designing your dreams and life, to start exploring your purpose, and to stop fearing failure and embracing it as growth… you will start walking the path of your destiny.

I know because I’ve done it, and I’ve helped others do the same. Now I have a system for creating online businesses that turn entrepreneur’s visions into reality.

If you dedicate yourself to the journey, I promise to guide you down the path of your transformation. There’s a perfect path for every pineapple… let’s find yours.

You better RUN to get in with Dayna Lisa — before she is fully booked and forced to raiser her prices. One session… that’s right, I said one session that was 1.5 hours long… and she killed all my doubts. She took my dream and put it down on paper in insane detail without missing a beat. Jennifer Armstrong

CEO, So F*cking Simple