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One time investment $29

One time investment $29

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Start standing out online and winning clients?

Build your own following of loyal fans who love to consume your content and buy from you?

Stop comparing yourself to others and feeling frustrated they’re more successful than you?

You’re meant to have your own success. You’re not here to compete. You’re here to build your own empire.

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One time investment $29

Hi, I’m dayna lisa :: empowering women to wear their crown :: Beating Burnout + Overwhelm to Joyously build their empire

Joy is your GPS. Are you feeling joyful?

I’ve been where you are if you’re off track — deeply sad, lost, confused, and living unintentionally. The only hope in that place is to tell yourself ‘things will get better.’

And yes, they will. As soon as you decide to start designing your dreams and life, to start exploring your purpose, and to stop fearing failure and embracing it as growth… you will start walking the path of your destiny.

I know because I’ve done it, and I’ve helped others do the same. Now I have a system for creating online businesses that turn entrepreneur’s visions into reality.

If you dedicate yourself to the journey, I promise to guide you down the path of your transformation. There’s a perfect path for every pineapple… let’s find yours.

You better RUN to get in with Dayna Lisa — before she is fully booked and forced to raiser her prices. One session… that’s right, I said one session that was 1.5 hours long… and she killed all my doubts. She took my dream and put it down on paper in insane detail without missing a beat. Jennifer Armstrong

CEO, So F*cking Simple