Dayna lisa

dayna lisa

Passionate, Influential, Impactful.

Let’s Level Up Your Reach + Drive Change in Your Area of Passion.

Don’t settle for entrepreneur. Let the world know you’re a leader and expert.


Pillars to set you up for success.



You’re ready to start sharing your opinion. Only connect with people who get you.

We’re gonna get clear on who your tribe is. Then create messaging that pulls them in.

Without you spending #AllTheTime on social media.

We’ll make it happen with on-point, branded content across the platforms that matter.

stand tall


Now it’s time to share it with the world.

Let’s ignite YOU in all your content. Even on the days you’re feeling ‘off’ and like you don’t want to social media…

You’ll put out bomb content that will spread your influence.

wear a crown

You’re a QUEEN. You’re an expert. You’re a leader.

The world needs to know that sh*t.

We’re going to get you visible in your industry. And make you the new standard for greatness.

We’ll do it all with intentional, high-quality content in the right places at the right time.

heart of gold

You’re a passion-driven entrepreneur.

You came into it to make money, ya, but you also wanna drive change in your area of passion.

Let’s make that soul work come alive using the power of your online influence.

Your content will connect with your mission. We’ll spread your impact. You’ll be an industry leader.

Why don’t we just… you know, talk?